Sunday, August 27, 2023

The Rusalki


The Rusalki: A traveling scholar falls prey to a Rusalki and is saved by the water spirit's sister. He must now place judgment upon her. To the Queen's and sisters' awe, the man proposes a unique solution that will bring pleasure to many. Read the full story at the Tea Time Tales story archive.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Misadventures of Zwedel Novice Wizard

Zwedel was the youngest and smallest graduate of Miss Filligree's Homeopathic School for Wizardry. While most serious wizards scoffed at her methods, many wise women nodded to her ways. When Zwedel stumbled into the Folksbury Vale apothecary and dried goods requesting powdered death angel to rid Mrs. Tweedy's barn of black slugs, the chemist gave a long stare of disbelief. In a new storyline from Auntie Millie's Tea Time Tales comes the Misadventures of Zwedel Novice Wizard, only at Folksburywood blog and story archive.

Sunday, August 20, 2023


Baba Yaga prepares a forest dweller to become another of her minions. At the summer solstice, the witch of the East can summon the power to control a beast's mind and twist it toward her evil purposes. What will become of others if she is not stopped?

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

End Game


Mörken the Dark One grows weary of toying with the Waldvolker and seeks the end game. A Troth releases BONE CRUSHER from the caverns. The beast climbs until it reaches the surface and smells the Waldvolker's fear. "Today will be a good day to die," says the Troth.

Baba Yaga Awaits Sunset

 Baba Yaga waits for the sun to set so she can ride in her mortar and pestle in search of bad children to make her nighttime meal.

Message Received

 Message Received: With the Troth army surrounding the ancient forest, the Watchers must rely on winged messengers to help organize Waldvolker's resistance to Mörken's invasion.


 It is told of a time before the burning sky when those of the flock dwelt in a beautiful garden. Now the remaining seven must travel far and through unknown skies to find the legendary home of their forefathers, a place known only as Sanctuary.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The Seven Tasks of Baba Yaga

Seven tasks, seven chances to fail, and seven ways to lose her life; this is what Tatyana must face or lose her PaPa forever to the darkness. Tatyana must meet these challenges before the next full moon or lose all hope of removing the charm that now controls her beloved father. He will pass forever into the darkness, his soul taken by Roksana the sorcerous. For the love of her father, Tatyana will risk it all and seek help from Baba Yaga, so it begins… 

Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Tale of Nubieous Maximus

When the Troth attacked the ancient forest, a local tinker name Nubieous Maximus believed he could build a flying machine to spy on Mörken's forces. Sadly Nubieous's dream did not last. The lifting gas used came from rotting flummox weed and proved highly combustible. The last sight of the aeronaut was a plummeting ball of flame that destroyed the Troth base camp. It is often said that Nubieous Maximus stayed at his post screaming "Death to Troth," but that may only be a legend.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The Remembering Place

Ewá finds herself alone in the remembering place. As a child, she would come here to remember the joys she shared with her nana before the dark vales took her away. She needs to recall a long-forgotten song, which may hold the location of the ancient one's hiding place.

Hello My Little Moppets


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